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    Sparco SIM Cockpit G01985ZNRRS

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      The Sparco Evolve is a top-tier racing simulator cockpit. Research conducted by Humanetics® has allowed the development of a sim cockpit that gives virtual drivers a highly immersive driving experience. The Sparco Evolve is standard with an ultra-light carbon fiber monocoque seat. The frame is made with high-strength steel for ultimate rigidity.  
      Sim Racers can adjust the Evolve frame in a number of different ways.
      • The Evolve has an adjustable carbon fiber seat that slides front to back on automotive grade seat tracks. 
      • The seat also has tilt and height adjustability. 
      • The seat can accommodate riders of different sizes due to the adjustability of the removable padding. 
      • The steering wheel and pedal plates are both adjustable for tilt and angle for the optimum driving position.
      • Evolve is foldable to be compact in storage.
      • has front wheels, for easy movement.
      • The frame has two hinges which allow the entire simulator to be folded and moved with greater ease. 
      • Thrustmaster: T300, T500RS, TX, TSPC 
      • Racer Logitech: G25, G27, G29, 
      • Driving Force PRO, 
      • Driving Force GT Fanatec
      • Clubsport Wheelbase V2, CSL 
      • Elite Wheel Base
      • Thrustmaster: T3PA, T3PA 
      • PRO Logitech: G25, G27, G29, 
      • Driving Force 
      • PRO, Driving Force GT Fanatec
      • Clubsport V3 + inverted, 
      • CSL Elite Pedals + LC 
      • Carbon Fiber Seat w/ adjustable padding
      • High-strength steel frame powder coated matt black
      • Fully adjustable frame: seat, steering wheel plate and pedal plate
      • Foldable for storage
      • Wheels for easy movement 
      WARNING: This is not an automotive seat, DO NOT USE IN A VEHICLE
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