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    Susquehanna (sus-qua-han'-na) MotorSports is named after the Susquehanna River, a river system that drains most of Central Pennsylvania and much of upstate New York into the Chesapeake Bay. The word is of Native American derivation and was originally spelled Sasquesahanough.

    We are located in Fleetwood, PA, a town with a name based in automotive history. The Fleetwood Metal Body Works was famous, in the dawn of the Automotive age, as a builder of fine bodies for such prestigious auto builders as Pierce Arrow and Cadillac. Silent film legends Douglas Fairbanks and Mary Pickford both visited Fleetwood to receive their custom bodied autos. The Cadillac Fleetwood and the phrase "Body by Fleetwood" are both derived from the name of our town. We were located in one of the original Body Works Buildings until October of 2012 When we moved to our present location on US-222 and opened a retail store. For more information about the Fleetwood Metal Body Works, go to

    Susquehanna Motorsports is a warehousing distributor for Hella USA, SPARCO, Hankook Competition Tires, Team Dynamic Wheels, BSCI Roll Cage Padding, STT Safety Products, Snappin Turtle Trailer Tie-Down Prodects, World Rally Championship Merchandise and an importer for Terratrip Rally Computers and Intercom Systems. There are also some products that we manufacture ourselves.

    Susquehanna Motorsports was founded in 1992 by Ken Beard. Ken worked as a computer analysist for the National Security Agency and was familiar with the internet, when it was restricted to use by the US government and Universities.

    When the internet became available to the general public, Ken created one of the first commercial internet sites and formed Susquehanna Motorsports. The initial purpose of the company was to provide hard to find Hella competition lighting to US Rally competitors. Ken had been involved in SCCA PRORally as a competitor and organizer for many years.

    As the company grew, Ken found that many of the products, especially Hella, had broad appeal to the general public and the business grew based on a reputation for customer service and an inventory that included hard to find products, speedy delivery and excellent service.

    Dave Sekella, a Mechanical Engineer, Manufacturing Engineer and Sales Engineer, bought the business from Ken in October of 2002. Dave has known Ken for many years, working together as members of the Blue Mountain Region of the SCCA to help organize such events as Tiadaghton Pro Rally, Ski Sawmill Club Rally and the well-known Rally Right Rally School. Dave continues to work as a Stage Captain at Susquehannok Trails PRORally, New England Forest Rally and Rally New York.

    Dave's knowledge of PRORally allows him to continue the customer service that Ken established, but he can't do it alone. Susquehanna MotorSports is a family business and his grown children are involved in the business.

    Wil, an accomplished SCCA, Rally America and NASA PRO-Rally Navigator and SCCA Solo I Hill Climb competitor in his own right, can answer your questions as well as his father.

    Jim runs the shipping and receiving department. He is a stick and ball guy, but we are working on him to see the light.

    Sarah is Wil's new wife and mother of Benjamin, the future first US born WRC Champion. Sarah tends to the books and keeps us all on our financial toes.

    Ray, an old time friend of the family is our electrical guy. He builds all the upgrade wiring harness and services any Territrip Rally Computers, or intercoms that need it. If you call with electrical questions, we will pass you to Ray.

    Liz helps out on occasion. She has worked many PRORally events and hopes to become more involved when her baby needs less of her time.

    We're Listed On The Berks County PA Business List