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    Hella KL600, KL700 and KL710 Rotary Amber Beacon

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      Hella KL600, KL700 and KL710 Rotary Amber Beacon SKU: KL95276



      HL95268 - KL600 - Power Pole Mount, 24v (2RL 004 957-111)
      HL95810 - KL700 - Fixed Mounting, 12v - (2RL 004 958-101)
      HL95275 - KL700 - Fixed Mounting, 24v - (2RL 004 958-111)
      HL29510 - KL710 - Fixed Mounting, 12v - (2RL 006 295-101)

      These lamps are normally ordered as a replacement for a lamp that was installed by the OEM on the piece of equipment, usualy a German built crane. The KL7000 is an LED lamp that will mount on the existing base of a KL600 and KL700 lamp. They are more available, sturdier, less prone to damage due to vibration and impact and have a 5 year warranty.

      KL 600 - Power Pole Mount

      • Ideal solution where rotary beacons need to be used quickly and mobile.
      • The rotary beacon series 600 is designed especially for mobile use.
      • It is the ideal beacon for vehicles that are required to be equipped quickly and effortlessly.
      • The housing base is designed for pipe-socket attachment (according to DIN 14 620, Form A) and can be fitted quickly and reliably to any socket pipe with integrated plug socket.
      • Another application possibility is for motor vehicles which have to be equipped with a rotary beacon only from time to time.
      • The housing base and dome are constructed as a breathable system which means that the reflector and the dome do not mist up.
      • The bayonet coupling is provided with an additional safeguard, which is easy to release when required.
      • Some practical installation accessories round off the fields of application

      KL 700 / 710 – Fixed Mount

      • Safety has priority: the ideal solution for vehicles which must be continuously operational.
      • The KL 700 and KL 710 rotary beacons are designed for fixed installation and differ only in terms of their diameter.
      • The solid installation base complies with DIN 14620, Form B1 and has a sturdy three-point attachment.
      • A rubber base serves as a gasket between the vehicle´s roof and the housing base, and this is also used as a drilling template when installing.
      • If required, the housing base can be painted in the respective vehicle´s color.
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