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    Brigade ASA-BBS Smart, Self Adjusting, White Sound, Backup Alarm

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      Brigade ASA-BBS Smart, Self Adjusting, White Sound, Backup Alarm SKU: ASA-BBS



      Smart Self Adjusting White Sound Backup Alarm

      HLA1399 - A1399 - 530300975 -  ASA-BBS-97 - 77>97 db
      HLA1400 - A1400 - 530039828 -  ASA-BBS-107 - 87>107 db

      The bbs-tek alarm uses a pleasant white sound (broadband sound) instead of the irritating single frequency sound of outmoded reversing and alarms. The source of bbs-tek sound (white sound) is instantly locatable and directional. It is also localised in the danger zone and dissipates rapidly. As a result no more complaints of noise pollution. No more reversing and alarm disconnects by irritated drivers Instant location of the reversing vehicle, no more head-spinning and confusion.

      Broadband sound is known colloquially as "white sound". The "white" description derives from white light which is composed of all the colors in the spectrum. White sound is, similarly, composed of all frequencies in the audio spectrum. White sound has the unique characteristic of its source being instantly locatable. White sound does not have to rely on high sound pressure (decibels) in order to be heard because, being multi-frequency, competing single frequencies cannot mask it. As a result a white sound alarm is equally effective at lower decibels than outmoded single-frequency alarms.

      Self-adjusting bbs-tek® reversing alarm with a variable volume making it ideal for trucks, buses, coaches, forklifts, airport vehicles and light mobile plant working in areas where the ambient noise level may vary significantly.

      This is particularly important for vehicles manuvring in close proximity to each other or going from a noisy environment such as a factory floor to a quieter external location such as a work yard, ensuring the warningis always heard.

      • ‘Smart’ self-adjusting sound level. Ambient noise is monitored once every second and automatically adjusts the alarm volume 5-10dB above the sampled noise level. 
      • Focuses warning sound in the danger zone behind the vehicle, so doesn’t annoy site neighbours or other people. 
      • Sound is instantly locatable so you can tell which vehicle is reversing. 
      • Unlike annoying conventional alarms, the ‘shh...shh...’ sound of broadband sound (white sound) is easy on the ear and dissipates fast outside the danger area. 
      • Tough, durable, waterproof (IP68), conforms to SAE J994 environmental standards. 
      • Solid state, sparkfree electronics,epoxy sealed for protection against vibration, dust and moisture. 
      • Hole Centers:
        SA-BBS-97 - 98-108mm
        SA-BBS-107 - 153mm
      • Size:
        SA-BBS-97 - 127mm W, 65mm H, 76mm D
        SA-BBS-107 - 173mm W, 79mm H, 95mm D
      • Power Draw: 1.0 Amp
      • Sound Source: Driver

      Durability & standard

      • Mechanical vibration: 10G
      • Operating temperature: -40 to +185°F
      • CE marked
      • SAE J994
      • OSHA & MSHA compliant (providing appropriate unit correctly installed
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