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Zamp Accident Replacement Program

Your helmet has been designed to absorb energy by destroying the shell or liner upon receiving a severe impact. If your helmet needs to be replaced within 2 years of purchase date due to an accident, please follow this procedure:

1. Contact Zamp at 916-861-0066 to request a return Authorization Number for accident replacement. You will need to put this number on the box upon approval.

2. We will replace it with the same size and style helmet if it is current. If it is not current, you will need to pick a new helmet to replace it with.

3. You will need to return the helmet with the return authorization number. In addition, you will need to include payment for the new helmet. It will be sold at 50% off of Retail & Shipping and Handling.

4. Upon receiving helmet, Zamp will place new order for helmet and destroy your old helmet.