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Hella Shieldz Installation Instructions


Auxiliary Lamp sized applications may best be applied dry. Wet application is also acceptable.

• Clean lens thoroughly.
• Peel backing off of film (prevent the film from touching any foreign surfaces).

Wet application

• Very light mist of water onto lens (1 spray only), outside of film and your fingers.
• Align and apply film to one side or center of the lamp or area to be protected.
• Using a plastic application card, or towel wrapped credit card, press down /sweep the remainder of the film across the lamp.
• Film is very forgiving. You can remove and reinstall numerous times until satisfied and perfect.
• If film is not pre-cut, then use an X-acto knife, trianular pointed knife or razor blade to trim off the excess film.
• If the product is pre-cut, then remove the handling tabs.


• Small air bubbles, cloudiness and surface texture/scratches will disappear over time as the fims settles and is warmed. Allow a few days to a couple of weeks for the process to complete.
• Performing the suggested maintenance care may help assist the process.  


• The film can be washed with soap and water just as you would use on your cars finish.
• Light scrubbing is okay as well as mild solvent if needed.
• It is important to wax the film quarterly with a good quality Carnauba wax or vinyl conditioner to maintain the film's UV (Ultra Violet) protection.