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HL87199 Custom Wiring Harness & HL87202 Rallye 4000 Series Wiring Harness Notes

The HL87199 is a general-purpose heavy duty wiring harness for auxiliary lamps.   The HL87202 is a similar harness, but is made specifically for the Hella Rallye 4000.

HL87202 - On this wiring harness you will find two loose yellow wires.   Those are used for the “City Light” on those 4000's so equipped.     They would be tapped into the parking light circuit so the 5W City Light illuminates when your parking lights are on.   If not used just tape them off.

  • 1 – If you have driving lamps, just tie it to one of the high-beam wires on the vehicle.   With the switch on, the lights will come on with your high beams.
  • 2 – If you have fog lamps, tie it to one of the low-beam wires on the vehicle.   With the switch on, the fogs will come on with the low beams.
  • 3 – If you have fogs, consider tying this wire to the parking light circuit so they will come on when your parking lights are on.   That way, you can run your fogs without your low beams and experience the full effectiveness of a fog lamp.
  • 4 – wire it to the center of a SPDT switch as shown – with the switch in the position shown, the lamps act as above.   In the other position, the lamps will come on with the switch on the harness regardless of the state of your car lamps.    In fact, you can take this a step further to eliminate the switch on the wiring harness.    There are two green wires on the switch on the harness; one goes to pin 86 on the relay.    Take this wire off the harness switch and put it on the center pole of a SPDT switch with a Center Off position.   Take the other green wire and tie it to one of the positions of the new switch.   Whatever kind of switch you use, make sure it is a heavy duty one intended for automotive use.   One of those cheap plastic ones from Radio Shack or Wal-Mart won't make it too long.   Go to a NAPA or some other real auto parts store.

HL87199 – The switching circuits on this harness can be done in a similar fashion.   On this harness you have three wires that run to your switch: one yellow, one violet and one black.   The black is a ground for the light in the switch.   The violet is the sense wire.   With 12V on the other end of this wire and the switch closed, the relay coil energizes closing the power circuit to the lamps and they illuminate.     Your options for the violet wire are as above – you can hook it to the High Beam, Low Beam or Parking circuit.   Or you can hook it to the center of a SPDT switch of your own as shown above.   Or you can eliminate the switch in the harness by using a SPDT with center off and take the YELLOW wire from the switch in the harness to the center of the SPDT switch.   Tie the violet from the old switch to one of the positions of the new switch.

Exceptions – Some Japanese vehicles switch GROUND instead of power to the headlamps.   If you have one of these vehicles, swap the power and ground from the harness to the battery.   Everything else remains the same except do not try to run a separate ground to the lamps and insure none exists through the shell of the lamp – you must use the ground supplied by the harness.   You should also FUSE the Ground with the same size fuse as is in the +12v circuit or as is on the relay.     Also, you must use the switch supplied with the harness – ONLY.

DRLs  – Most Daytime Running Lights operate by reducing power to either the high or low beam circuit.   In most applications, this is insufficient to pull up the relay in the 87199 or 87202 harness and your aux lamps will operate properly.   In a very few cases, particularly where the DRLs are over bright, this voltage may pull up the relay, turning on your auxiliary lamps all the time.   In this case, you may have to tie the sense wire for your particular harness to a source of SWITCHED 12V and manually operate the switch to turn your auxiliary lamps on and off.    Use a source of switched 12V so you do not inadvertently leave your auxiliary lamps on and drain your battery.