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          • Racing and Off-road activities are hazardous and products are subject to failure when exposed to the extremely high stresses involved.
          • Susquehanna MotorSports makes no warranty or representation as to the product's ability to protect the user from injury or death. The purchaser and user accept all liability.
          • Susquehanna MotorSports is not responsible for damage, consequential or otherwise, from equipment failure, or malfunction after installation.
          • The implicit effectiveness of any device used in racing and off-road activities is directly related to proper installation, use and care.Your safety equipment needs constant care and maintenance. Failure to maintain your equipment in good working order could result in seriously injury, or worse.
          • Consult the rules of your sanctioning body for proper installation and use of this equipment. 


          Shipping Times - Our goal it to ship your order the same day it is placed. The post man arrives about noon so postal orders placed by 11:00pm should go out in that days mail. UPS picks up about 4:00pm. Orders placed by 3:00 will normally make the daily UPS pickup.

          USPS Shipping Options

          • First Class - We do not offer this level of shipping since it must be purchased at the Post Office and we print our own postage.
          • Priority Mail - The best choice under most circumstances. One to three days delivery in the continental US. When we put the postage on the package the USPS computer calculates the delivery time and prints it on the address label. This delivery estimate is based on their best information at the time, but other factors such as weather, natural disaster and interrupted transportation can slow the delivery of your package.The delivery printed on the label is not guaranteed by the USPS or us.
          • Low Value Shipments - Orders worth less than $35.00 (an arbitrary amount). A lost package has to be missing for a month after they acknowledge that it is missing before you can even file a claim. Insurance is ALWAYS an additional cost option. In 10 years of being in business, we have NEVER, not even once, received payment for a lost or damaged package. It is just too much trouble. Consequently, we set the $35.00 limit. If we lose that amount, we won't go broke.
          • Shipments to Alaska, Hawaii and other US Territories - USPS is very good about shipping to far away places in the USA and it territories. It is not unusual to ship a package to the West Coast in three days using Priority Mail. Shipments under a pound to Alaska and Hawaii are treated like shipping to New Jersey. The only draw back is that there are no guarantees on delivery time.
          • International Shipping - International shipping is normally best handled by the USPS who will then hand off the package to the Postal system in the receiving country for final delivery. Brokerage is usually minimal. Delivery is anybody's guess. Sometime it is only a week or so and sometimes it becomes months. All USPS keeps track of is when they handed it off to the other postal system. Insurance MUST be purchased on all international postal shipments. If you need it in a hurry, bite the bullet and use UPS
          • Flat Rate Boxes - We have them, but their advantage is greatest when the product is heavy such as wire.

          UPS Services - Not all services are available to all shipping addresses. UPS no longer requires a signature. It is up to the driver to determine the probability that the package will disappear off of your porch. If you want the security of a signature, you will have to request it

          • UPS Ground - Least expensive UPS service. Insured up to $100. Additional insurance at extra cost. Typically takes 5 business days coast to coast.
          • UPS Three Day (Orange) - Three business days (duh) to destination. The least expensive guaranteed domestic delivery.
          • UPS Two Day Air (Blue) - Two business days (double duh). This is the least expensive method for UPS to ship to Alaska or Hawaii.
          • UPS Next Day Air (Red) - Delivers next business day, by end of day.
          • UPS Next Day AM - Delivers next business day, by noon.
          • UPS Next Day Saturday - Delivers on Saturday if shipped on Friday
          • UPS COD (Collect On Delivery) - You pay the driver and he gives you the package. Orders over $200 Require a certified check, money order or cash. UPS Charges $11.00 for this service.
          • UPS Collect - Charge the freight to your UPS account, or to a third party account. 

          Fed Ex -  We do not use Fed Ex GROUND on a regular basis and do not have a daily pick-up. If they come, it is because we called for a pickup. They charge us $15.00 for that pickup and we pass that charge on to you. Even if you have charged the shipping to your Fed Ex account, the Pickup charge will appear on your invoice. There is no charge for pickup of Fed Ex AIR shipments.

          Mind Reading - This is a service we do not offer. If you need to have special handling, you must put that information in the Special instructions box.


          • Your satisfaction is important to us. We will attempt to make satisfactory adjustments should an item be defective, not what you ordered, or does not fit your application.
          • If you wish to return an item, you MUST call (610) 944-3233 first, so that we may issue a Return Goods Authorization Number (RGA).
          • The RGA number must be marked on the OUTSIDE of the box so that we can properly process the return.
          • Unless the return is for a defect, merchandise must be in original, saleable condition.
          • Returns will not be accepted after 30 days from the sale.
          • Replacement Bulbs, Horns and Relays are not returnable for any reason other than warranty.
          • Terratrip Probes and Sensor Interfaces are not returnable unless in the original, unbroken packaging.
          • All returns, except those for obvious defects, are subject to a 15% restocking charge.




          • Most prices on this website are wholesale although is some cases we are governed by Minimum Advertised Pricing (MAP) as established by the manufacturer.
          • Prices are subject to change without notice.
          • Errors will occur in any business - when there are errors in the prices on this website, we reserve the right to accept the price as shown, change the price with your approval, or refuse the order.