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Wiring Your New Horns

This is pretty basic wiring and should be straight forward even if you are starting from scratch. You can use 14awg wire throughout. If you are sure you have a good ground, you can ground the horn(s) locally instead of running the wire back to the battery.

If you are using my Hella Relay Kit, then you want to get a Crimper for the relay base pins from Radio Shack or another electronics supplier.

For wire sizing information, you may want to check our Sensible Wiring Guide.

Note – The control circuit assumes a conventionally wired OE horn system. That is, the +12V is switched to the horns. Note that in some Japanese cars, the GROUND is switched instead. In that case, you would apply battery to pin 85 of the relay and the horn circuit to the other side of the on/off switch or directly to pin 86 or the relay if you choose not to use the switch.