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Wiring Your Auxiliary Lamps

This is pretty basic wiring and should be straight forward even if you are starting from scratch. You can use 14awg wire throughout except for the battery wire from Pin 30 to the battery and the ground wire from the battery to the first splice for the ground for the lamps – use 12awg for those two wires. Alternately, use two 14awg wires from the battery ground to the lamps. If you are sure you have a good ground, you can ground the lamps locally instead of running the wires back to the battery.

Some may want to use a three position switch for the control switch. One position would be as shown, that is, controlled by either the high or low beam circuit, the center position would be off, and the other position would be to +12V for override on. Note that the +12V used should be a source of +12 that is switched by the ignition switch, so when you turn the vehicle off, the lights go out.

If you are using my Hella Relay Kit, then you want to get a Crimper for the relay base pins from Radio Shack or another electronic supply store.

For wire sizing information, you may want to check our Sensible Wiring Guide.

Note -- The control circuit assumes a conventionally wired OE headlamp system. That is, the +12V is switched to the high and low beams. On some Japanese cars, the GROUND is switched instead. In that case, you would apply battery to pin 85 of the relay and the high or low beam circuit to the other side of the on/off switch.